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NCAA Substitution Card (Sub)


Quickly and accurately record substitutions for NCAA.

Suggestion, only record the number of the player leaving the field.  For all periods, except 2nd, those players may not re-enter.  During 2nd period only, if same player exits the field again, cross off their number on list and the may not re-enter.

Don't forget the basic features for all cards:

  • Reliable, re-writeable surface.
  • Personalized with your name **
  • Durable and rigid plastic for writing on.
  • Writeable in the rain (pencil suggested).
  • Will not run or fade when wet.
  • Permanent marker can be removed with alcohol wipe.
  • Good for a year of typical use.
  • Trusted by referees around the world.
  • Made by a referee, for referees.

  ** The shipping name will be printed on each card OR, “add a note” to request different text.

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