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Open Card (OC1)


The Open Card offers maximum flexibility for recording your notes while still being a sturdy, durable, and re-writable card.  Record any notes, exactly how you choose without any boxes or frames in the way.

Side 1 and 2 can be for each team, OR record an entire game on each side.

*** This card does NOT come printed with your name or other text in order to keep the most open space for markings.

Don't forget the basic features for all cards:

  • Reliable, re-writeable surface.
  • Durable and rigid plastic for writing on.
  • Writeable in the rain (pencil suggested).
  • Will not run or fade when wet.
  • Permanent marker can be removed with alcohol wipe.
  • Good for a year of typical use.
  • Trusted by referees around the world.
  • Made by a referee, for referees.


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